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Can you relate to any of these statements?



  • l fear that I’ll be repeatedly hurt by love, so I avoid taking any risks or moving closer to anyone


  • I’m single and feel lonely. I don’t think I’ll never find a ‘good enough’ relationship


  • I feel frustrated that I keep making the same relationship mistakes over and over again, but I don’t know how to stop


  • I feel scared and distrustful whenever I get close to someone, so I pull away and keep my distance


  • I think I’m better off single, alone and lonely than to feel the pain of a bad relationship again


  • I am terrified that I will never love someone or that no one will ever love me


  • I feel so scarred by my previous relationship that I have decided that I just don’t ‘do’ relationships


  • I feel devastated that my partner has left me, and I don’t understand what happened and where I went wrong


  • I just can’t let go of past relationship hurts and I don’t let anyone get too close


Individuals in a relationship


  • I’m miserable because I don’t know how to communicate so that my partner can really hear me


  • I’m ambivalent about my relationship and considering leaving my partner. I need to make a decision


  • I’m constantly angry and picking a fight with my partner and I don’t know how to stop


  • I feel afraid because I think my partner is going to leave me


  • I withhold love and sex from my partner to punish them for all the past hurts I’m carrying


  • I’m feeling lost and alone in my relationship. Something has to change, but what?


  • I’m sexually attracted to other people and I’m scared I will act on these feelings and hurt my partner


  • I’m afraid I am beginning to repeat the terrible relationship my parents had


  • I’m so frightened to be alone that I smother my partner and it’s driving him/her crazy


  • I feel insecure, clingy and jealous of my partner and can’t trust him/her


  • I can’t bear to be alone, yet I’m pushing my partner away


  • I’m constantly cheating and lying to my partner and I don’t understand why




  • We are so sick of the pain of constant bickering and never-ending arguments about things that never get resolved


  • We have ongoing anger or resentment towards each other that we can’t seem to manage


  • Our sexual needs don’t get met and we struggle to talk about sex


  • We don’t know how to ‘fight fair’, so we are often blaming, criticizing or attacking each other


  • Our relationship is at a crossroads. There is no joy anymore


  • We struggle to communicate about the smallest things and often end up feeling miserable after a huge fight


  • We feel growing resentment and contempt that means we shut each other out for long periods of time


  • We can’t stop fighting because one of us wants to have children/be married and the other doesn’t


  • We are struggling to decide whether to end this relationship or work on it


Couples in a positive relationship


  • We have a good relationship and want to make it even better!



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