Soul Contract Decoding

Would you like someone to tell you what is going on with your life?

Discover the spiritual map of your life to find the deeper meaning amongst all the chaos. Decoding your soul contract offers insight into your soul's journey here on earth and helps you navigate life experiences.

This is quite a unique profiling system that is encoded into your birth name. This system contains the vibration of all the physical and spiritual experiences your soul set out to have in this particular lifetime.


It guides you to make sense of your personal gifts and gives your life the direction it needs to fulfil your goals.

Getting your soul contract decoded helps you understand your strengths and see what you promised to do in this lifetime.


Your contract offers advice and strategies for you to align with your contract and actualise more of your purpose, making life more meaningful.

Decoding your soul contract also sheds light on business and relationship issues and shows you how to make the right changes to align with your life's purpose and destiny.

Divine Energy Healing

Would you like someone to help you identify, access, clear and release

your core negative patterns quickly and easily?


Based on the spiritual law of ‘Ask, and you shall receive’, Divine Energy Healing can help you clear the blocks that are getting in your way from achieving optimal well-being hindering you from sharing your gifts and talents with the world.

Working on all levels, Divine Energy Healing can help you release fears and phobias, core negative patterns, unconscious ancestral programming, unresolved past life karmic challenges, shock and trauma and many other blocks you didn't even know existed.

By connecting with the highest part of your being to identify where the healing is needed, bringing your conscious awareness to the issue, and opening up to the energy that is moving through your physical body, you are assisted to let go.

This frees up your energy, you feel better physically and emotionally, and it becomes easier to advance on your path and create the life you want.

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