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Consider if any of these statements resonate with you

  • I feel stuck. Something is holding me back, and I want to expand the possibilities in my life.

  • I think I'm going through a mid life crisis, a change of life, and I don't know how to ask for help.

  • I know what I should do but often cannot generate the will to do it.

  • I often feel stressed, angry, resentful, embarrassed, or depressed. I want to change.

  • I either dominate, control, and intimidate others or I feel intimidated, bullied and manipulated and can't assert myself - I have low self-esteem.

  • I'm scared to let go, as I have so much anger, frustration and grief stuck inside me.

  • I work compulsively - often to avoid other aspects of my life. It impacts my relationships and happiness.

  • I've read lots of personal development books, done retreats, courses, tried therapy and anger release work, but I still feel trapped and unhappy.

  • I feel at a crossroads with major decisions to make. I don't know how to move forward or which direction to take.

  • I often feel anxious or nervous for no reason. I don't know where to get support. I need help.

  • Meaning is going out of my marriage, my career, or my life. I often feel I'm just going through the motions.

  • There's a lack of joy and intimacy in my life. I've been unsuccessful in creating relationships or have had repeated failed, unfulfilling relationships.

  • I've messed up my relationship with my children and I want to be a better parent.

  • I'm either unemotional and disconnected from my feelings or my feelings are running me.

  • I recognise that my parents were not as loving or supportive as I wanted them to be.

  • I know that bad things happened in my childhood.

  • I see myself passing my own pain, anxiety, or depression onto my children as negative family patterns.

  • I'm struggling to find meaning in my life. Sometimes it feels pointless. I feel numb - on automatic pilot.


About Me

The Challenges


Anger management



Complex Psychological Wounding

Complex Trauma & PTSD.

Couples dynamics


Entrepreneurial blocks

Food issues

Grief and loss

Leaving a relationship amicably

Life crisis

Low self-esteem

Major life changes

Panic Attacks

Phobias and charged memories

Relationship challenges

Sexual dysfunctions

Work-related stress

About Me 

The Therapies

Attachment-Focused EMDR

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Divine Energy Healing

Disarming the Inner Critic

EFT & Matrix Reimprinting

Group Psychotherapy

Hypnosis for Psychotherapy

Maximise Success in Business

Mission Alignment

Name change/Optimisation


Soul Contract Reading


Working as an integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor helps me utilise a unique combination of psychological and psycho-spiritual practices to support individuals, couples, and groups for relational health and transgenerational change.


My work is rooted in treating early childhood wounds and complex trauma, which involve the multi-layered issues most people experience, such as anxiety, addiction, phobias, and all types of relational and attachment problems.


As an attachment-informed EMDR therapist, EFT practitioner, transcendental guide, hypnotherapist, and author, I use psychoeducation as a foundation and combine my specialities seamlessly to aid complexity management, recovery, and healing for a healthy and empowered life.

I bring together a powerful blend of attachment-focused EMDR using hypnotherapeutic guided imagery to help uncover and explore repeated patterns, mental traffic, and charged memories to clear your path to move forward in life and make change more manageable. The merger of these modalities can fast-track one's recovery in a powerful way.

I provide a safe and confidential space in a non-judgmental environment and offer psychotherapy on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period for singles, individuals in a relationship, couples, and groups. My approach highlights the importance of understanding that healing and recovery are gradual and frequently a backward and forwards process.

Working collaboratively, psychotherapy and EMDR can offer you an increase in the ability to be more present in the moment, resulting in more clarity and greater discernment. It also increases your self-awareness, resulting in the ability to be more deliberate, which can help develop skills and the ability to manage your mind and emotions.

Having over 20 years of working with people and their relational problems across a wide range of difficulties, I feel confident in addressing any issues my clients bring. My primary role is not just to make you feel better but, more importantly, to help you get better at feeling and guide you to improve your responses to life without violating your core values or deeply held principles.

Overall, psychotherapy supports you to become more fully self-expressed, resulting in more authentic and empowering relationships.

Making Contact

The quality of the relationship between us is central to a successful outcome. You need to feel trust in order to be able to work in a genuine, collaborative way. If you would like to consider an initial session, then contact me below.

Lead a busy life? Can't make it to my practice? Maybe you live far away or even abroad but want access to the services I have to offer? then online therapy is for you.


The process is easy and confidential. First, you simply need an internet connection and some privacy. Then, log in at your designated time; it's exactly like an in-person session. 

Arrange a FREE, confidential 10-minute phone consultation on 07956 466 393 or email me at 


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